Slimming Secrets

Weight Loss Solutions - Dr. Pierre Dukan’s 44 Slimming Secrets

Dieting is one thing, keeping the weight off is another obstacle. This section has been designed to provide slimming secrets that go beyond mainstream dieting. One of the tips to lose weight that I often give is that the best physical activity is one that you enjoy doing so you're likely to keep it up in the long term. For inspiration, here you'll find 44 "Slimming Secrets" - little tricks that will help you lose weight and keep it off in the long term. Sometimes it only takes a small change to see a big transformation!



Other Secrets

Apple Cider Vinegar
Cold Drink
Change Perspective on Exercise
Balsamic Vinegar
Green Tea
Create Muscle
Cardamom & Coriander
Fragrance Box
Doing is Living
Firm Face Secret
Don't Waste Time
Dukan Hors D'oeuvres
Water Retention
Get Moving
The Yogi's Secret
Grocery Bags
Eggplant Secret
Oxygen Secret
Home Weight Loss
Fat Free Dairy
Jump For Joy
Forbidden Fruits
Four Meat-like Fish
Reflex Action
Gastric Band
Spread Out Exercise
Teeth & Thighs
Hunter Gatherer
Knife Secret
Vertical Stretches
La Plancha
Oat Bran Tabouleh
Walking for Weight Loss
Palate Control
Wash Your Car
Protein Pasta