Weight Loss Program for Men

Dukan Diet for Men

The Dukan Diet isn’t just for women. Some of the most stunning results come from the men on our program.
It is not unusual for the weight to just fall off of them. Here is why it works:*

Real Food


It’s EASY - There’s no counting of any kind: No counting points, no tracking, no counting of carbs or measuring out your food.

You eat REAL food: The food on The Dukan Diet is all natural and can be found in any grocery store.  From making a nice steak to grilling on the barbeque – enjoy all the delicious proteins and vegetables you love.


Protein builds muscle


No deprivationYou eat as much as you like.  You can eat anytime you are hungry and eat until you are satisfied.  

Protein builds muscle: Men build muscle easily and this stokes their fat burning engine helping them to lose weight quickly.  Protein is one of the very best foods you can eat to build muscle and lean protein is at the foundation of The Dukan Diet.

Marshall Brain, founder of How Stuff Works, blogged about every step of his Dukan Diet journey to losing 52 pounds in 25 weeks. You can read about it  here.*

Here Marshall is talking to Dr. Oz on his success with the Dukan Diet and his "Jedi power!". See the clip  here (fast forward to 1:58)*

Dukan Diet Men Success Stories

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*The weight loss program offered by the Dukan Diet offers health and nutritional information and is designed for educational purposes only. It does not replace consultations with nutritionists, doctors, psychologists and/or other healthcare professionals. This program is not intended for people with diabetes dependent on insulin, who have eating disorders, problems with renal heart failure, depression, or for pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you suffer from any of these conditions, please visit a doctor, nutritionist and/or other healthcare professionals before starting any nutritional programs. Individual results may vary. Click to learn more.