Weight Loss Programs Comparison

Weight Loss Program Comparisons

Dukan diet vs others diets

group meeting


 Group Meetings

With Group Meetings, you have to take time out of your schedule to travel back and forth and then spend an hour in a classroom-like setting where you don’t get much one-on-one personalized attention and you get weighed in front of people.  And you have to count points every day.  With Dukan Diet Coaching you get your instructions emailed to you every morning to read at your convenience, you get personal attention from Dr. Dukan and the Customer Support Team and you weigh yourself in the privacy of your home. There is no counting – you eat as much as you like. 

Prepackaged Meal Plans

Prepackaged Meal Plans either deliver all your meals for the week to you or have you pick them up at their location.  You then eat food out of boxes and other packaging and are limited to what is outlined in your menu for the week.  With The Dukan Diet, you eat 100% fresh, natural foods in unlimited quantities – until you are full and satisfied. And Dukan Coaching offers daily interactive email loop with Dr. Dukan to monitor your progress and email support from your Customer Support Team when you need it. 


Prepackaged Meal Plans

Other Online Plans


Other Online Plans

Online plans offer online dieting programs that send you set meal plans and exercise instructions to follow for the week.  There is no daily monitoring or support from a community or Support Team as there is with Dukan Coaching.  Eating from a set meal plan is limited versus the Dukan diet where you eat as much as you like from 100 natural foods. 

The Dukan Diet is Different

The Dukan Diet is different from other diet plans because there is no reliance on bars and shakes, prepackaged meals or foods.  You eat delicious fresh foods anytime you are hungry and you eat until you are full with no counting of any kind.  And Dukan Diet Coaching offers you daily interactive coaching you won’t find anywhere else!


Dukan diet is Different