Interactive Weight Loss Coaching

Recognizing the importance of monitoring, Dr. Pierre Dukan has created a new interactive way of communication. Every morning you will receive instructions. Every night, you will report about your day. The next morning, our advice will have taken your report into account in order to respond to your personal needs.

Only Dukan personalized weight loss coaching offers interactivity.

Your report : Every night

The daily report uses 9 criteria to evaluate the personal information of your Dukan day: weight, measurement, physical activity, motivation, frustration level, lapses and the foods you are missing. Filling out a daily report takes only a minute or two.

Your instructions : Every morning

Every morning, you will receive an email notifying you that your daily instructions have arrived in your Slimming Apartment. These personalized weight loss instructions are adjusted according to the daily report you sent the day before.

• Your motivation instructions adjust to your situation day after day – from celebrating your accomplishments to helping you get back on track. They remind you what phase you are in.
• Your food instructions help you prepare your meals by offering a selection of menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks according to your taste. You will also find many food tips.
• Your exercise instructions show you mandatory and optional progressive exercises suited to your level of fitness.