Obesity Epidemic

Statistics on Obesity in America - What You Should Know

The obesity epidemic is a result of lifestyle changes brought on by the easy availability of food, inexpensive unhealthy convenience foods and government subsidized foods, as well as a decrease in physical activity.

Overweight Rates In Developed Countries Around The World*

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The United States leads the way in obesity percentage with more than a third of the population considered obese. Canada is also at the top and a large portion of European countries show surprising growing numbers. France and a handful of its neighbors maintain decent rates, while Japan is the lowest.

Percentage of Obese Population by Country

…Americans are at the forefront of technological progress and also at the forefront of one of present-day civilization’s major afflictions--being overweight”. – Dr. Dukan

The overweight rates in America have also grown, with overweight and obese people projected to be 74% of the population in 2020.

Obesity in America Facts

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Obesity has a severe economic and personal impact on individuals and affects how much money you make and your healthcare costs while it shortens your life.

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*Source: OECD: Obesity and the Economics of Prevention: Fit not Fat by Franco Sassi 2010

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