Dukan Diet vs. Atkins Diet

Dukan Diet Vs Atkins Diet

Dukan Diet vs Atkins

We don’t dispute that there are similarities between The Dukan Diet and Atkins, as both are low-carb diet plans, and we believe the differences speak for themselves.

The Dukan Diet is different from Atkins in there is:

No counting of any kind – There is no counting of carbs, calories or any other nutritional values in any phase of The Dukan Diet. Atkins requires you to count net carbs starting from day one, and later in the plan, you have to figure out for yourself how many carbs to eat per day to maintain your weight. In The Dukan Diet, you eat from the list of 100 foods, while including other foods in the Consolidation phase. You never have to experiment with how many carbs you should eat.

Emphasis on low-fat – The Dukan Diet focuses on low-fat protein including non-fat dairy – which is great for your heart. Atkins allows unlimited full fat dairy and fatty meats and cheeses that are high in saturated fat.

A reliance on natural foods – On The Dukan Diet – you eat from a list of 100 natural foods that keep you slim. Atkins recommends you eat their packaged convenience foods such as bars and shakes.

 Eat as much as you like – With The Dukan Diet you eat as much as you like of any of the 100 proteins and vegetables until you feel satisfied. Atkins limits the amount of vegetables you eat as you have to count the carbs of each serving and add them to your daily limit.

 A personalized interactive plan – The Dukan Diet has personalized online weight loss coaching that is unique to you and includes daily monitoring of your progress, chats with Dr. Dukan and his team, hundreds of recipes, exercise videos, and most importantly, monitored stabilization so you don’t gain the weight back. Atkins doesn’t have a coaching program and you are on your own to experiment and figure out how many carbs you need to keep the weight off.

We encourage you to choose a plan that is right for you and to discuss your chosen diet plan with your doctor. People who have followed The Dukan Diet have experienced phenomenal weight loss and are able to keep it off as a result of our Consolidation and Stabilization Phases.

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