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Step 1 - Find Your True Weight

Answer 8 questions that will tell you the realistic weight you can reach and maintain for the rest of your life.

Calculate Your True Weight

Fill out the True Weight form and click on the Calculate button on the bottom of the page.

Step 2 - View Your Slimming Program

Your personalized program will determine how many days each phase will last and how much weight you will lose. Your personalized program price will appear above your program chart. Click on the Start Now button to enter your payment and begin the final steps of signing up for coaching.

Step 3 - Join Coaching

Step 4 - Choose Your Start Date

You will be given the opportunity to choose when you would like to start your Dukan Coaching. You can delay the start date up to 15 days or begin tomorrow.

Step 5 - Fill out Questionnaire

Step 6 - Tour Your Slimming Apartment

After you complete your questionnaire you are ready to begin your Dukan Coaching. Please take some time now to explore all the tools that are provided to you in your Slimming Apartment. These tools are available throughout your weight loss journey.