Custom Weight Loss Plan

Is Dukan coaching right for you? Dukan coaching is a custom weight loss plan for anyone who wants to lose weight on the Dukan Diet. This interactive customized weight loss plan is personalized to fit you, your lifestyle, your story and your desires.

Dukan coaching is a customized weight loss plan that fits your specific needs

If you are overweight and you see yourself in one of the profiles below, coaching will help you reach your weight goal and find a better health.

An active woman:

You have a fast-paced job and a fulfilling family life. Our customized weight loss coaching helps you to integrate the diet into your busy schedule.
: “I am a passionate salsa dancer with 2 daughters and I lost 40 lbs. with Dukan weight loss coaching.”

A housewife:

You like to cook delicious Dukan recipes that are great for the whole family.
: “I am 56 yrs. old, a mother of 4 children and with the customized weight loss plan, I never gave up.”

A menopausal woman:

You need a custom weight loss plan that adjusts to combat hormone resistance.
: “I gained 26 lbs. over the last 10 years due to menopause. Dukan coaching helped me to finally lose weight.”

A mother:

You had a baby and are no longer breastfeeding and you want your body back.
: “At the end of my pregnancy, my weight went up by 20 lbs. With customized weight loss coaching I was able to take it off.”


If you’re a man - you can also see successful weight loss with coaching. Thousands of men have already trusted us.
: “Dukan personalized weight loss coaching was easy for a guy like me, who has a demanding job and is always on the go.”

An active person:

You’re a fitness buff who wants to lose weight to increase performance. The customized weight loss plan adapts the diet to meet your specific needs.
: “Thanks to the Dukan Diet, I have been successfully running marathons for the past few years.”

The senior:

You’re an older adult who needs a healthy diet to prevent age-related health risks.
: “I am 79 years old, I lost 76 lbs. with Dukan personalized weight loss coaching. I enjoy starting my morning by reading my daily motivation instructions.”

Dukan customized weight loss coaching restrictions

Sometimes it is not healthy for certain people to diet. If you feel you need to lose weight and fall into any of the categories below, we recommend that you see your doctor who may refer you to a specialist loss.

  • Under 18 years old or over 78 years old
  • Pregnant or breast feeding women
  • Not overweight (your actual weight must be higher than your True Weight)
  • Weigh more than 508 pounds
  • Medical Conditions: If you have a medical condition, we recommended you ask your physician’s approval before starting a diet