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Success Stories

Inspire yourself with our success stories. Clients who followed the Dukan Diet and had great results send us their testimonials in this section. Remember that the results achieved may vary with each individual. Consult your doctor before starting the diet.

Jennifer D. lost 135 lbs*
“Having the chance to share my story of hope, and conveying the message that life is so much more than just being and it's definitely worth living... This is truly what keeps me going.”
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Ilene R. lost 105 lbs*
“A friend told me about the Dukan Diet, and it has changed my life forever.”
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Annie F. lost 125 lbs*
“I have lost 125 pounds and what I thought impossible is reachable and happenning now and here to stay. I am a new person.”
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Courtney K. lost 85 lbs*
“I was finally losing weight, this was amazing to me. It was then that I realized that I could do this, even if it was hard, I could lose weight and regain control over my life.”
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Sam lost 101 lbs*
“I made a commitment to my wife and children and also to my friends. I discovered Dr. Dukan and it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.”
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Lori V. lost 90 lbs*
“After only 6 months on the Dukan plan I was taken off my blood pressure and cholesterol medication...and now the only thing I take is a multi-vitamin everyday...just like Dr. Dukan suggested!!”
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Joanna D. lost 46 lbs*
“I went out and bought the book and started the very next day! In exactly 3 months I've reached my goal of a 46 pound weight loss."
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Matthew K. lost 116 lbs*
“I have completely changed my life around and am still working hard towards Consolidation. I am treated better, I feel better, I look better. I am happy, focused, and more motivated than ever since having started hitting the gym regularly now for about a month, something I could have never done at 354 pounds.”
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Hannah lost 90 lbs*
“I smile constantly and feel so energetic and alive. I may not have the same mass that I had before, but I feel like my personality is filling the area that my body used to (and then some).”
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Jessica W. lost 30 lbs*
“Thanks to your coaching, I look and feel great.”
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Sandi B. lost 104 lbs*
“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Dukan! Changing my life style through the Dukan Diet has saved my life, again THANK YOU!”
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Melis T. lost 65 lbs*
“I even have 93 people who are motivated by my achievement and losing weight now.”
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Brianna lost 127 lbs*
“Becoming a Dukanian has opened my eyes to the fact that what society perceives as "normal" eating habits are actually poor eating habits. It’s when I made that realization that I saw that this method is not about deprivation, it’s about indulging in exactly what your body needs to thrive.”
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Andrea C. lost 55 lbs*
“Each day is a new page and each day I have a choice on how to write the story of my life. I know how I want it to end... and I am headed to my happily ever after!”
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Constance D. lost 113 lbs*
“Dukan gave me the tools to lose and keep this weight off for the rest of my life. I now have a better understanding of nutrition, of my body, and of what I am capable of."
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*Testimonials and results are based on real client experiences reported to us; these results may not be typical for all dieters, they will vary. The client declares that the testimony is true and real. The Dukan Diet is not responsible for the results sought by the dieter.

#Illustrative photos provided by Dukan Diet dieters.