Slimming Apartment

The Dukan Slimming Apartment is organized as if it was your own: kitchen, living room, fitness room and your secret corner In each of the rooms, you will find tools specifically developed to ensure your weight loss success on the Dukan Diet.

Slimming Apartment – your place for personalized weight loss

Your secret corner: In the heart of coaching

Each morning, you will read your daily instructions and each night, you will fill out your daily report. You can ask all questions to our coaches and nutritionist via a private email. You can access your weight loss coaching program and your weight loss graph.

Your kitchen: delicious Dukan recipes

  • The recipe book in your slimming apartment includes hundreds of exclusive recipes and shopping lists for each phase.

  • In the fridge, you will find the official list of the unlimited 100 allowed foods, with nutrition facts, detailed information and preparation tips.

  • The cupboard has a list of spices, condiments, and convenience foods that add pleasure to the Dukan Diet and the official list of tolerated foods.

Your lounge: participate in live chats with the Dukan team.

    You can access the live chat to get advice from our Dukan Diet team. You also have access to the complete chat history.
  • The Frequently Asked Questions section is a great place for coached members to find information. In your library, you will find Dr. Dukan’s opinions about different well-known weight loss programs.

My gym: an essential part of the Dukan Diet

Physical activity is important on the Dukan Diet and the gym features videos that target each muscle group that will help you tone and transform your body.

Your bathroom: a medicine cabinet of weight loss supplements

A list of weight loss supplements recommended by Dr. Dukan.