Fat Free Dairy Products

One of the best foods for losing weight: fat free dairy products

At a conference in Philadelphia, a female journalist asked me why the French are not as fat as Americans.

I hadn't meant it seriously but in fact, it does appear true and well documented. For 30 years now I have been campaigning for proteins including non- fat dairy products that are also made solely of very high quality proteins. They are so important for losing weight that without consuming dairy products it seems like an impossible challenge. Choose from the large variety of virtually fat-free yogurts and experiment with fat free cottage cheese, fat free ricotta cheese, fat free cream cheese and fat free sour cream. These products are easy to carry around, they don't smell, they are cheap, very low in calories, satiating, flavorsome, and can be sweetened with artificial sweetener. They are a real godsend. Try not to listen to all the talk about lactose intolerance. It does exist, but isn’t very common.