Vicki T. Lost 75 lbs

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My Dukan story...

My highest weight was 278.8 lbs and I had been on just about every diet throughout my lifetime, beginning with Weight Watchers in 1965 at 15 years old. I would lose weight for awhile, get bored with the diet and put back all that I had lost plus a little more. Last January (2011) we got a dog and I began walking a little every day with him. I am disabled due to Post-Polio Syndrome so I am not able to do a lot of physical activity but I noticed that just that tiny bit of walking made me lose a few pounds. That gave me the incentive to try just one last time (at age 60) to lose weight. I saw an article online about the Dukan Diet and sent for the book. After reading it, I decided that Dukan was for me because I love meat and I started the Attack Phase in May 2011.

Due to my inability to do a lot of exercise, my weight loss is a little slower than predicted. My dog & I walk 2 or 3 times a day for 10 or 15 minutes each time, depending on the weather and I have averaged about 10 lbs lost every month. I even made it through Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years without gaining any weight! With the Dukan Diet, I don't have any of the cravings I used to have on diets like Atkins and the inches lost are amazing. My "after" picture was taken 2 1/2 months ago and I have lost another 15 lbs since then. I'm only 30 lbs. from my target weight!

  • My favorite support Dukan food: Steak
  • My Dukan treat: Pumpkin
  • My favorite form of exercise: Walking
  • The nicest compliment I've been paid: You look amazing!
  • What keeps me going: I feel great and can wear clothes I gave up on years ago.
  • The advice I'd give to other "Dukanians": You're never too old to lose the weight.

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