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My Dukan story...

Dukan Diet works for me! I started on 10/21/11 at 188.7 lbs and reached 141 lbs on 3/29/12. My True Weight was set at 143, but I have surpassed it. I am in the Consolidation phase until mid-November 2012 and have lost a few more lbs. As of 6/1/12, I weigh 138.1 lbs, which is -50.6 lbs! I think my true weight will stabilize around 139. I have been over weight and obese since my early 30's. I'm 50 now and thrilled to have released the extra weight that I've been carrying for 20 years. Many of my aches and pains and illnesses have disappeared. No more low back, knee, or foot pain, and no more incontinence. Dukan worked for me because I could eat as much as I wanted whenever I wanted as long as it was on the okay list.

No counting calories, which is painful. The other thing that helped me was my personal therapy. I had a major psychological, emotional, and spiritual shift that allowed me to stop being at odds with myself and to start caring about me from the inside. I'm not sure that any diet would work prior to my inner self being at peace, but I'm happy that the Dukan Diet entered my life just at the right time. I'd like to extend my personal Thank You to Willette Walker for introducing me to the Dukan Diet book, for being the spark that ignited my interest, and for being my Dukan Diet buddy. Thank You dearest Willette.

  • My favorite support Dukan food: All kinds of meat and veggies too
  • My Dukan treat: Non-fat, sugar free, chocolate milk
  • My favorite form of exercise: Pilates, walking, hiking
  • The nicest compliment I've been paid: "You look great!"
  • What keeps me going: I love and care about me; I'm my true self now; I'll never go back.
  • The advice I'd give to other "Dukanians": Stick with it. You can do it. You're worth it.

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