Damian B. Lost 104 lbs

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My Dukan story...

For years I have had a goal of losing weight permanently. I lost weight on almost every diet and gained it all back on, and then some. The more I lost the more I gained. It took a while but eventually I heard about the Dukan Diet. I liked the idea of no quantities, no calorie counting, lots of protein. When I eventually decided to start the diet I lost weight very rapidly. I was losing at least 5 lbs per week. This is what I wanted. Naturally it slowed down over the long haul, but 88lbs later in 6 months was fantastic. Thank you Pierre Dukan. If I can do it, DUKAN too!

  • My favorite support Dukan food: Miracle Noodles
  • My Dukan treat: Cheesecake
  • My favorite form of exercise: Walking
  • The nicest compliment I've been paid: You are an inspiration to me, thank you.
  • What keeps me going: The scales, on a daily basis
  • The advice I'd give to other "Dukanians": Keep your head in the game.

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