Anne lost 50 lbs

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My Dukan story...

I felt really fat and never wanted to look in the mirror. I was so miserable when I was heavier and now I feel great! I am in fashion and it's a very hard industry to be in when you are on the heavy side. When I heard about the diet I immediately started it and my husband also started with me so it gave me a lot of support. Here I am telling Dr Oz about my amazing experience on the Dukan Diet, now 50 lbs. now lighter in only 6 months. Come on you can all do it! See the clip here.

  • My favorite support Dukan food: The oat bran galettes
  • My Dukan treat: Asparagus
  • My favorite form of exercise: Walking
  • The nicest compliment I've been paid: Did you lose weight or 10 years?
  • What keeps me going: Looking in the mirror
  • The advice I'd give to other "Dukanians": I have to tell you all that the one thing that helped me on the diet is the oat bran. I make so many things out of it now and I don't miss bread anymore. I love the galettes and all the things I can make with the oat bran!

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