The Top 6 Workout Apps… #4 changed my life!

Most of us have smart phones, so why not use them for our health and fitness too? These past 5 years have been all about making our lives easier with nanotechnology and apps. The Dukan Diet has also been around these past 5 years trying to make your weight loss easier, so let us show … Read moreThe Top 6 Workout Apps… #4 changed my life!

Burn Fat and Get Stronger with Swimming Workouts

   If you’re looking to lose weight but hate sweating too much in these hot months, maybe it’s time to consider picking up a swimming workout. Swimming workouts are a fantastic way to lose body fat and increase strength (while also reducing stress on joints).   Part of the reason why swimming workouts work so … Read moreBurn Fat and Get Stronger with Swimming Workouts

Burn Fat and Save Time with High Intensity Interval Training

  For those of us on the Dukan Diet, or any diet for that matter, it can be hard to reach your weight loss goals while still going through the motions of everyday life. Work, family, finances – all of these things take time, and can draw attention away from your weight loss routine. Fortunately, … Read moreBurn Fat and Save Time with High Intensity Interval Training

Rock Your Workouts With These Hot Trends!

Looking for something fun and healthy to do with friends after work or over the weekend? If you’re trying to lose weight, or just generally live a healthy, holistic lifestyle–it might not be a bad idea to skip going to the bar (for a night of high caloric intake, and possibly, regret) and instead take … Read moreRock Your Workouts With These Hot Trends!

High Intensity Interval Training with Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet is about more than just eating right – it’s about integrating healthy practices holistically into your everyday life. A huge aspect of working towards physical and mental health is incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle is not always conducive to regular physical fitness. Working beyond 40 hours/week … Read moreHigh Intensity Interval Training with Dukan Diet

The Benefits of Barre Workouts

Barre workouts are inspired by ballet, and are meant to promote long, lean muscle development, along with improved flexibility and balance. Regular physical activity is an important part of the Dukan Diet weight loss program. Barre workouts are a good match for the Dukan Diet because they show results in body strength and tone in … Read moreThe Benefits of Barre Workouts

Staying Slim After Summer (Slimming Secrets)

As summer sadly fades away, and we return to the everyday stressors of work and school, it can be really easy to fall off the fitness bandwagon. Once the cold months hit, all you’ll want to do is veg out on the couch and binge watch your favorite shows. Don’t let all of your hard … Read moreStaying Slim After Summer (Slimming Secrets)

Stay Fit in The Great Outdoors

Keeping the weight off often requires more than just dieting – it often takes regular exercise and physical activity. Dukan Diet features a list of 44 “Slimming Secrets,” including fitness tips for creating muscle, keeping active, walking, and stretching. Exercising is often looked at as a chore, and it’s this very idea that acts a … Read moreStay Fit in The Great Outdoors

Taking Your Workout Outdoors

Regular exercise is the key to successfully keeping the weight off once you hit Consolidation. Exercise is not only important for physical fitness, but also for our mental health. Low serotonin and dopamine levels associated with depression can be mitigated through regular exercise. However, do you have a difficult time getting to the gym? Many … Read moreTaking Your Workout Outdoors

Yoga practice and weight loss

Part of realizing your true weight loss potential through the Dukan Diet is changing your perspective on exercise. Despite our evolutionary history as physically active hunter-gatherers, modern humans in developed societies can act pretty indignant about even the smallest amount of exercise. Raking the leaves, gardening, walking up the stairs – these sorts of things … Read moreYoga practice and weight loss