Words of Wisdom From Pierre Dukan for 2017!

Words of Wisdom From Pierre Dukan for 2017!

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I was pleased to accompany you throughout these days with the goal of getting you through the holidays without gaining weight. I hope we succeeded.
The beginning of the year is often the time for new resolutions–it is possible that this has made you realize that losing weight is easier than you thought. If you considered yourself a little overweight before we started this plan together, and as you didn’t gain weight during these days you may want to start the year strong and tackle these extra pounds!

If this sounds like you, I want to offer you my help. Losing weight is not something you decide–it comes from within yourself. You can live being overweight or obese but fail to confront it. Then mysteriously one day, just like in Star Wars, the force arrives and makes everything that seemed difficult more simple.

If you recognize yourself in this description, please note that this power within you will not last forever. Do not lose this momentum–choose the best plan according to these four criteria:

  1. The plan must be efficient enough to bring you quick initial results.
    2. You must also be able to follow the plan without being hungry.
    3. It must be perfectly safe and healthy.
    4. It must absolutely include a concrete and effective stabilization weight loss plan.

This is the definition of my diet.

But that’s not all. If you want to place the odds in your favor, I suggest trying my online coaching program because it works! 90% of people who try my program achieve their True Weight goal.
This is a personalized plan provided to you daily. Every morning I send you your daily instructions including your meal plan, exercises, and motivational support. Each night I ask you to report your progress after following my instructions. This Daily Report is crucial because it allows me to generate your instructions for the next morning.

Finally, to further improve the results, we have created a line of products based on the following observation:
The glycemic index is an index that measures the rate at which blood sugar rises after consuming a food rich in carbohydrates.  One can compare the index to the speed of a car:
Glucose, the simplest form of sugar in our blood, is the highest on the glycemic index at 100, white table sugar used in coffee, known as sucrose scores a 70, white flour comes in at 82 and oats scores a 15.

Dukan products meet three requirements:
1. All our oat bran products are free from white flour and added sugars.
2. The only grain used in our products is oat bran.
3. Our products taste delicious! They contain omega rich seeds, chocolate chips and are rich in flavor!
The health benefits are there–just compare the labels of our products (cookies, bars, granola)- with other brand varieties.
To learn more about our coaching program click here.

To learn more the Dukan shop and its products click here.

If you would like a coaching discount promotion, mention the code DKN30
I wish you all the best for 2017!

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