Sushi night with Dr. Dukan: Let’s Get Sushi When You Sashimi!

Sushi night with Dr. Dukan: Let’s Get Sushi When You Sashimi!

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Dining out is possible on the Dukan Diet, if you do it right. There are also ways to bring the restaurant to your home with some of these delicious sushi night ideas!

When going out to a sushi restaurant you can have sashimi on PP days and Naruto rolls on PV days. If you are not familiar with the restaurant or know they don’t have low sodium soy sauce options, we recommend bringing your own, pouring one teaspoon into the small soy sauce bowl and even adding some water to make a greater quantity, and use that amount for your meal. Even low sodium soy sauce is very salty, so try to drink plenty of water during your meal. We recommend avoiding the wasabi and ginger due to the added sugars. If you would feel comfortable doing so, you may also bring your own sugar free wasabi and ginger.

When having a sushi night at home, the possibilities are endless since you can use the shirataki rice for your meals. Add variety to your sushi platter by trying some of these sushi preparations:

Maki: This is the most common sushi roll, you can wrap your slices of fish or shellfish and other fun fillings like cucumber, carrots, and/or squash in shirataki rice and wrap it in standard nori or in your preferred seaweed flavors.

Nigiri: Try shaping the shirataki rice into fun shapes like stars or hearts and place the slices of fish or selfish on top. You can even have this on a PP day.

Sashimi: Same as in the restaurant, you can just have the slices of fish or shellfish and dip them in your low sodium soy sauce and top them with your sugar free wasabi and ginger.

Temaki: If you are feeling creative, you can use the ingredients that you used for the Maki to create cone shaped rolls.

Uramaki: This will be a bit harder to do, it is like a Maki roll except the rice is on the outside and the nori is wrapped tight around the filling. These can be cooked and are typically served with sauces, so perhaps you can drizzle the Uramaki with a homemade spicy mayonnaise. You can also add a teaspoon of sesame seeds for a tolerated item.

How to make sticky shirataki rice: when cooking your shirataki rice try cooking it with a tablespoon of chia seeds to help it gel in the water. For added stickiness, try spreading a light layer of fat free cream cheese.

How to make ½ cup of spicy mayonnaise:

Ingredients: 1 hard- boiled egg, ¼ cup fat- free cottage cheese or fat- free sour cream, ½ teaspoon sugar free wasabi, Salt and pepper to taste.

Preparation: Thoroughly crush the yolk of the hard- boiled egg with a fork. Add the cottage cheese or sour cream. Add wasabi, salt and pepper, and other spices if desired. Refrigerate in a covered container for 2-3 days. *For a smoother consistency, whip the cottage cheese in a blender before using.

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