Stay on Track Now & Indulge a Little on New Year’s Eve!

Stay on Track Now & Indulge a Little on New Year’s Eve!

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New Year’s Eve is almost here! Let’s continue to stay on track so we can celebrate with some champagne!

If you succeed, then we would have done a good job together and the New Year will start off without regrets.

Today, we continue to observe what I call the ‘Supervised Freedom’. Freedom means everything is allowed. I request that you still avoid these 18 high-risk foods listed below that are disguised as your friends but aren’t at all. This is a reminder that can only lengthen your life


  1. Beer
  2. Instant mashed potatoes
  3. Peeled boiled potatoes or oven baked potatoes
  4. French Fries and potato chips
  5. Gluten free white bread
  6. Pure white flour crackers
  7. White bread (e.g. Wonder bread) and other refined bread
  8. Corn flakes
  9. Corn flour
  10. Quick cooking rice and sticky rice
  11. Puffed rice and rice cakes
  12. Cookies made with white flour
  13. White sugar
  14. All soft or hard candies
  15. Sugary sodas
  16. Ice cream
  17. Dry or fresh wheat pasta
  18. Dates and dried raisins

As we approach the war zone or the temptations of the season–try to focus on foods such as a nice roasted chicken thigh or a stuffed tomato, or endive leaves wrapped in ham (topped with béchamel sauce).

To make things easier: I’ll give you a favorite recipe that I am most fond of:


Take an oven safe bowl or aluminum tray and on the bottom place a bed of raw or better yet grilled eggplant slices.

Add a thick layer of chopped beef on top.

Follow that with a third layer of largely sliced onions.

A fourth layer of the chopped beef again will be added.

Then a layer of tomato slices.

And finally, pour one tablespoon of olive oil over the tomatoes and garnish with Parmesan.

Place the dish on the middle tray of the oven at 400° F, and cook for 1 hour.

Try to prepare several days’ worth since this dish can keep well. It is often even better the next day!


Another way to stay on track is to think VEGETABLES VEGETABLES VEGETABLES! Prepare them how you like – just not fried.

During ‘Supervised Freedom’, you can have all fruits, except dates, dried fruit, and canned fruit. Stick to organic fruits that are in season.

From dark chocolate to vanilla flan, enjoy these while you’re still in the neutral zone.

Remember to walk briskly for a minimum of 20 minutes.


Talk to you tomorrow!

Doctor Pierre Dukan

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