NYE Tips from Dr. Dukan! You CAN Indulge!

NYE Tips from Dr. Dukan! You CAN Indulge!

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Tonight is the last big night of the year!

I hope you have fun and that you are prepared for the festivities.

As I promised you before, there are no restrictions today, and I have not changed my position.

However, to counter any risk, I ask you to hold your temptations in check the rest of the day.  Everything has a price.

Always honor the rule of avoiding the 18 high-risk foods found in previous posts.

For lunch, sit down with your friends and enjoy a meal. Try some mixed vegetables with smoked salmon drizzled with lemon. For the main course have sirloin with green beans or sauerkraut cabbage.  Another option is to try a nice piece of cod, turkey leg or a slice of lamb roast (remember not to take the first slice as it is the fattiest).

As for dairy, try cheese or fat-free Greek yogurt.  Personally, I love mixing quark with a spoonful of yogurt and a spoonful of cottage cheese.

Remember that you are allowed to have rhubarb puree, custard or flan for dessert.  HOWEVER, no alcoholic beverages even wine for lunch.

Oh, I have a surprise for you, a recipe that renowned French chef Alain Ducasse told me one evening at the Hotel Plaza bar in Paris.

Oh, it is simple but sensational and I use it often!

You take an entire eggplant, and make incisions around the eggplant, in each of the incisions, put a clove of garlic.

Then place the eggplant under the broiler.  When you see the skin browning turn it over and let it brown the same way.  When everything is cooked, cut the eggplant in half. Drizzle a little olive oil over it and enjoy! Thank you Mr. Ducasse!

For this evening, forget about me but don’t retaliate because you will regret it and will not have benefited from your efforts so far.

On New Year’s Eve, I only ask you to reject what does not belong to the party—meaning no bread as you can have it throughout the year. Same with fries, and do not even get me started on potato chips.

As an appetizer, please enjoy high quality foods. Have a glass of good wine or champagne but no sweet wine or sweet liqueur.  Nuts, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds are allowed if available—have a few, but only enough to curb your appetite.

For the meal itself, nothing is forbidden.

For alcohol, stick with two glasses of good wine or champagne.

Then have an appetizer, main course and finally, try to avoid having both cheese and dessert—choose one.

If what you eat is good, enjoy the moment and savor each bite–or the pleasure of the moment will pass by quickly like a high-speed train passing through the countryside.

Drink as much regular or sparkling water as possible.

And now, you see that I have kept my promise.

I wish you a wonderful New Year!

Talk to you tomorrow!

Doctor Pierre Dukan


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