Maintain Your Weight Through New Years with Dr. Dukan’s Advice!

Maintain Your Weight Through New Years with Dr. Dukan’s Advice!

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Another day passed without weight gain–or at least I hope so! If by chance this was not the case, stick to fish, seafood, poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruit, oat bran pancakes, and fat-free dairy products today.

But if you have kept your starting weight, it will still be very important to be very careful today and tomorrow. Which means the ‘Supervised Freedom’ is still required. Try and continue to avoid the 18 high-risk foods mentioned on previous posts.


I suggest having a serving of whole wheat grains or medium grain couscous.

Some people think couscous takes a long time to prepare. Here’s how to make it even easier to prepare than pasta or rice:

Take 4 tablespoons of couscous, 8 tablespoons of water, a teaspoon of olive oil, a pinch of salt. Stir and mix with a fork until all the water is absorbed, place it in the microwave for 55 seconds. Then remove from the microwave and fluff with a fork, then return it to the microwave for 45 seconds. THAT’S ALL.

Or if you have any of the vegetable lasagna dishes with minced meat left over (that was recommended yesterday), it can be enjoyed with the couscous, pure happiness!


Perhaps you can even add some dark chocolate to your evening.


Talk to you tomorrow!


Doctor Pierre Dukan

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