Lose Up to 5 Pounds by Memorial Day with Our Tips!

Lose Up to 5 Pounds by Memorial Day with Our Tips!

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With the sun shining it’s hard not to think about the endless BBQs and beach days ahead. And with all that said, it’s hard not to think about your quest for a swimsuit – and a body that you’ll feel comfortable putting in that swimsuit. All of a sudden, you realize the unofficial start of summer is May 29th! The quest to be the best version of yourself begins today!

1. If you don’t have a mini rebounder yet, now’s the time to get one! Lose weight, tone up, decrease cellulite, increase skin elasticity, move your lymphatic system and build bone density just by rebounding 5-20 minutes each day!
2. Miss salt? Try pink Himalayan sea salt—this salt contains over 80 trace minerals and doesn’t cause water retention as most table salts. Plus, it keeps your cells well hydrated and keeps your electrolytes in an optimal range!
3. Start meditating! Negative thoughts are just as toxic as that plate of French fries! Set aside 10-20 minutes each day to meditate in a quiet space—extra points if you add in positive affirmations each day—Repeat after me: I love and accept myself and trust the process of life. Watch the extra weight melt away!
4. To keep your skin glowing and cellulite free use a dry brush and brush your legs, arms and tummy up towards your heart—this technique helps to increase blood circulation and tighten skin (dry brushes can be found at your local drugstore).
5. Fire up the BBQ and start grilling all types of pure protein or protein + vegetable skewers—try shrimp & scallop kebabs, sesame salmon kebabs, chicken & asparagus kebabs, or an all veggie kebab. For those in Consolidation – try some grilled fruit such as peaches, apples, and watermelon. Check out our Pinterest Page for beautiful food presentations—no one will ever know you’re on a diet!

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