Jump Into Spring Cleaning With Natural Slimming Tea

Jump Into Spring Cleaning With Natural Slimming Tea

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 Have you started your spring cleaning yet? Spring cleaning goes beyond cleaning the house– it’s about getting your affairs in order. For many of us (especially those on the East Coast) the harsh realities of winter can drive us towards unhealthy habits. Who hasn’t felt the urge to just chill and watch Netflix with your favorite snack foods on a cold winter day? If the winter hasn’t been the best to your body, consider doing some spring cleaning for your health with Dukan’s Natural Slimming Tea.


Dukan Diet Natural Slimming Tea is an all-natural herbal tea that can help detoxify your system and restore balance to your body. Our tea contains no additives, is caffeine free, and is Dr. Dukan approved. Health benefits of Dukan Diet Natural Slimming Tea include:


  • Helping the Body Rid Water Retention
  • Helps with Weight Management
  • Helps with Bloating
  • Helps with  Constipation


Our Natural Slimming Tea’s ingredients include: Cassia angustifolia (senna leaves), blackberry leaves, orange peel, chicory root, licorice root, honeysuckle, ginseng (Chinese ginseng), chrysanthemum. Senna is a common herbal supplement and natural medicine that contains sennosides (derived from the senna plant). Sennosides can have a laxative effect and are excellent at treating constipation. There are also many documented health benefits of ginseng, including: improved concentration and learning, improved mood and boosted endurance, and as a treatment for cancer, heart disease, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, hepatitis C, high blood pressure, menopausal symptoms, and other conditions.


Many of you might want to enjoy our tea cold in the spring and summer. The tea served cold makes a great addition to your meal. Preparing our herbal tea is simple, and involves:


  • 1-2 cups boiling water over 1 tea bag
  • Let steep
  • Cover for 2-3 minutes
  • Increase concentration over time if desired by pouring less water over the tea bag
  • Do not exceed a maximum of 3 cups of tea per day


It has been said that your body is like a temple – you have to show it constant care and respect, and have to actively play a part in its upkeep. Dukan Diet Natural Slimming Tea can help you start your body’s spring cleaning this season, by detoxifying and helping your system reset and get ready to take on new healthy habits.

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