Happy New Year From Pierre Dukan!

Happy New Year From Pierre Dukan!

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Today is the first day of the New Year.
To tell you the truth, I do not know what you did last night. But you may have gained a few pounds, not necessarily from fat, but probably because of the water in these meals, the salt, and drinking a little more wine than usual. The salt from the foods and alcohol tend to generate water retention. So if you have not stepped on the scale, wait until tomorrow, once the water weight will be eliminated. We often forget that 1 liter of water weighs almost 2 pounds.

Continue to avoid the 18 high-risk foods. To tell you the truth, I really hope you followed this rule without it being a drag because I truly hope you will keep it for life. During your life, you will have 90,000 meals and if you eat these 18 high-risk foods at each of these meals it will shorten your life. The earlier and younger you choose to avoid these foods the longer your life will be. Most of these 18 foods did not exist in our grandparent’s generation, and it is no coincidence that when they were born the epidemic of obesity and diabetes did not exist either.
I promised you no restrictions on New Year’s Eve, but not on the days following these celebrations.  Today if you must attend a social outing or prepare a family meal at home, I give you permission to have a glass of wine or champagne as I’m convinced you will not have gained weight following our plan so far.
Today is a good opportunity to have oysters or large prawns.
If you invite friends over, I recommend the lamb which is also very delicious. However, avoid the first slice, which tends to be very oily and high in fat.
For a side dish think of artichokes, as they require you to take your time eating each leave one by one.
Why not try turkey, chicken, or a piece of lamb or veal liver, glazed with apple cider vinegar. You can also have quinoa, wild rice, basmati rice in reasonable portions. Avoid potatoes or white rice. You can have either cheese or dessert but not both–since the race is not over yet.
Try oat bran pancakes, they are as good in your mouth as they are for your health! Avoid overcooking them in order to keep them moist and then toast them in a toaster for a crispy finish.

For the other meal of the day, I ask you to prepare some Shirataki noodles made from konjac flour. Maybe you do not know this plant. This is a type of large tuber that grows in the ground, similar to a potato. From the ground, you will see a stem, leaves, and flowers.  The Japanese take this tuber, wash it and make a powder with which they make noodles, pasta, or rice.  Besides their strong and resistant consistency, the konjac plant contains virtually no calories. I ask you to prepare a serving of Shirataki noodles–I promise you will not be disappointed. These noodles are inexpensive, so choose the best quality which is related to its content of glucomannan, its active ingredient.

Finish off with a good portion of unsweetened dairies such as fat-free Greek yogurt or cottage cheese.
For dessert try an exotic fruit, such as a tangy passion fruit, ½ a mango or two nice slices of pineapple.  And don’t forget to start the year with 2 squares of dark chocolate.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Doctor Pierre Dukan

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