Five Dukan Friendly Tips for a Happy and Healthy Mother’s Day!

Five Dukan Friendly Tips for a Happy and Healthy Mother’s Day!

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The standard flowers may be enough, but if you want to make this Mother’s Day extra special we recommend the following tips for a happy and healthy celebration:

  1. Spa Day:

Who doesn’t love a spa day?! Taking some time for rest and relaxation helps support weight loss. When your adrenals are overstressed your weight loss slows down. If you are under a lot of stress your body also retains more water. You could book a spa day for your mom, but it would be extra special if you prepared one for her yourself, right at home! An aromatherapy Epsom salt bath helps to reduce water retention and improve circulation. Offering her a cup of relaxing tea like chamomile or lavender will help her feel as great on the inside as she would on the outside. Once she is done with her bath, have some scented candles or oils lit in the living room.

  1. Home Cooked Meal:

What better way to say, “thank you for always making sure there was food on the table” than to return the favor?!

There are plenty of festive recipes to try from the Dukan Diet Cookbook, and/or the “my recipe book” if you are a coached member, that your mom may enjoy. Perhaps you can even prepare her meals for the week so she won’t have to. You could also prepare some Dukan friendly desserts to enjoy together. I personally enjoy spending tea time with my mother over some Dukan coconut cookies and our tea or coffee of the day.

  1. Lessons:

Your mom has taught you so much! Return the favor by enrolling her in a health or fitness class. It would be extra special if you participate together. Has your mom always wanted to try Pilates, yoga, water aerobics, kickboxing? Whatever her fitness level or physical abilities, there is always something fun to try for a happy and healthier lifestyle.

  1. Reading Material:

Having a mom read bedtime stories is a happy memory for many children. This year you could read the Dukan Diet Made Easy together if she hasn’t already. The book is a great supplement to the coached program and vice versa. The book also has tips for different types of challenges, age groups, and sexes. This book is a great addition for the whole family. To make this gift extra special, pair it with the Dukan Diet Cookbook for plenty of meal ideas that keep the dinner table interesting night after night!

  1. Support System:

Having a strong support system of family and friends is very important for success with any challenge. Even so, the added bonus of having the support of experts can be a great gift. You can show your mom some extra support by gifting her a membership to the Dukan Diet Coached program this year!

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