Doing Valentine’s Day the Dukan Way

Doing Valentine’s Day the Dukan Way

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Here’s an idea for getting something sweet for your sweet — instead of getting your Romeo or Juliet weird chalky hearts with ambiguous messages, or other candies that are just going to wind up giving you a sugar coma or stomach ache — consider spicing things up by baking a special treat with some organic cocoa powder from the Dukan Shop.


Organic cocoa powder is great for making treats because:


  • There is a low amount of sugar and fat
  • You can use the powder to make all sorts of delicious treats, including cookies, cakes, a signature chocolate spread and even pancakes and muffins (if you’re looking for some morning romance).
  • The organic cocoa powder is Kosher and Gluten Free!
  • Organic cocoa will help you and your beau fend off those nasty sugar cravings, so you can stay focused on loving each other and being affectionate in public.


Another great thing about going with organic cocoa powder is that you know your chocolate is coming fresh from cocoa beans, which are then fermented, roasted, and ground. Sorry, no mystery chocolate here folks. A lot of the chocolates bought in stores are primarily milk chocolate, and lack the same connection to the plant as straight cocoa powder.


Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) has been called a “health miracle,” and for good reason. It turns out that the world isn’t so bad after all, and there’s actually a lot of health benefits that can come out of eating tasty cocoa, including:


  • Cocoa contains antioxidant compounds, which can help prevent premature aging and disease in human cells.


  • Cocoa is also chock full of polyphenols, antioxidant compounds (also found in wine and tea) that have been studied for cardiovascular benefits.


  • Cocoa consumption is also tied to releases of serotonin and dopamine (the neuro-chemicals that make us feel good) in the brain. Ever wonder why you run for the chocolate when heartbroken? Besides the fact that cocoa tastes amazing, it also carries anti-depressant and mood-elevating properties.


The Dukan Diet is all about finding a holistic balance between health, diet, and lifestyle. Do Valentine’s right this year, by making something special for your one and only with our organic cocoa powder.

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