Avoid  These 18 High-Risk Foods This NYE–Dr. Dukan Shares Why!

Avoid These 18 High-Risk Foods This NYE–Dr. Dukan Shares Why!

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A few more days until we ring in the New Year together! I advise you to eat your normal diet but as I am by your side, try to eat healthily.

The first rule: Stay clear of the 18 high-risk foods (see below). Now is the time to explain why they are risky.

Firstly, they are not fit for human consumption. Perhaps you will find I am a bit too strong on this matter. I know you think we all have consumed these foods and we have not died. But on the other hand, you are aware that we are experiencing a global crisis with obesity–already we have more than two billion people who are overweight, with over half a billion obese and another half a billion diabetic. Behind these cold statistics, there is a lot of suffering. So maybe you do not fall into these high-risk categories but every year some of you who were on the right side of the scale, fall to the wrong end of the scale. Almost all of these foods are manufactured industrially to make them seductive and marketable—but they are processed, refined and do not contain the fiber and nutrients that make them whole foods.

The only one that looks like a natural food is number 18 on the list below (dates and raisins). But they are not because they are both dry–that is to say, dehydrated, therefore, making their sugar content more concentrated and sweeter than when they are picked fresh.

  1. Beer
  2. Instant mashed potatoes
  3. Peeled boiled potatoes or oven baked potatoes
  4. French Fries and potato chips
  5. Gluten free white bread
  6. Pure white flour crackers
  7. White bread (e.g. Wonder bread) and other refined bread
  8. Corn flakes
  9. Corn flour
  10. Quick cooking rice and sticky rice
  11. Puffed rice and rice cakes
  12. Cookies made with white flour
  13. White sugar
  14. All soft or hard candies
  15. Sugary sodas
  16. Ice cream
  17. Dry or fresh wheat pasta
  18. Dates and dried raisins


After this industrial processing, these foods have become devoid of fiber causing rapid digestion which increases blood sugar levels—they don’t act like whole foods in the body. To remedy this, the pancreas releases more insulin into the body.

The role and function of insulin is to manage the rise of glucose. It has the means to TRANSFORM THIS GLUCOSE INTO FAT. Without insulin, just having a box of cookies can trigger a fatal diabetic coma.

Insulin saves our lives several times per day but it can make you overweight if you abuse foods that increase the level of glucose in the blood (blood sugar).

So the consequences are weight gain and fatigue of the pancreas that can lead to diabetes.

Second instruction for the day: do not have second helpings.

Today, drink more water than usual. The optimal amount of water you should have is half your body weight in ounces. Included in this count are herbal teas and very watery green vegetables like cucumber.

Today, walk at least 20 minutes at a healthy pace and if you can, try 30 minutes. And if you do, try to adopt the Afghan walking by taking 2 steps while you inhale and then 3 steps on the exhale.

Try going to bed tonight you as early as possible–every hour before midnight is worth two hours of sleep and your sleep will be of higher quality and more recuperative.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Doctor Pierre Dukan

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