5 Tips to Make Your Cinco de Mayo Dukan Friendly

5 Tips to Make Your Cinco de Mayo Dukan Friendly

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Today is Cinco de Mayo, a holiday that commemorates the victory of the Mexican army at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1872. This holiday represents Mexican resistance to foreign intervention. The Dukan Diet, on the other hand, represents resistance to unhealthy foods and eating habits. This year, on Cinco de Mayo, let’s celebrate both battles with these 5 Dukan friendly options.

Prepare for Battle:

Before heading out to any Cinco de Mayo events, have an oat bran snack and plenty of water. For added reinforcements, have a small protein snack like low sodium deli meat, a hardboiled egg, or a cup of Greek yogurt. It is important to not show up too hungry so that you can better curb cravings. Having oat bran and plenty of water helps to reduce the absorption of fat to reduce the effect of any potential lapses from fats. Having a protein snack further helps to regulate your blood sugar levels just in case the foods you thought you could have might have a sugary or fatty sauce or seasoning added. Drinking plenty of water also helps to reduce water retention so try to drink plenty of water before and after the event.

Share in the joy:

Recommend to your friends and family that their Cinco de Mayo celebrations be a potluck. If everyone can bring their own food you can share your delicious Dukan friendly foods with your friends while also helping make it is easier for you to not lapse. There are plenty of Dukan friendly recipes available online in the “my recipe book” if you are a coached member and in The Dukan Diet Cookbook by Dr. Dukan for those who are not. Here are some meals you may want to prepare in bulk and bring to the party:

  • Fajitas: stir fry chicken or beef strips with a variety of peppers and onions in a low sodium broth or in vinegar. You can go tortilla-less if you are in the Cruise phase, but you can wrap this in whole grain tortillas if you are in Consolidation or Stabilization.
  • Tacos: You can prepare ground meat with lettuce, diced tomatoes, and sour cream and either go taco-less or prepare thin and savory oat bran galettes to use as soft tacos.
  • Chicken with Mole Sauce: You can prepare a whole chicken and a sugar-free mole sauce. You can either have the mole sauce as a side or dip. The other people at the party can add rice and beans to their liking.

Drink up!:

For some, Cinco de Mayo is more about the tequila and beers. Alcohol is not allowed during the first two phases of the diet. However, if a lapse is unavoidable, moderation is key. An alternative to alcohol that won’t disrupt the festive atmosphere is soda and lime, whether it be a Club soda or a diet soda. For those that cannot avoid lapsing, or for those in the Consolidation phase, you can have a 5 oz glass of wine or 1 oz of liquor. Try to babysit your drink and add ice to help it last longer. Having plenty of water before, during, and/or after the alcohol will help minimize the effect of the lapse on your progress. Adding 1 oz of liquor to a club or diet soda with lime can go a long way as well.

Contingency Plan:

If the battle did not go as planned and you ended up losing to bad food options and habits, not all is lost. Have two protein only days with an extra liter of water and 20 minutes of fat burning exercise added to your routine. This can help you burn off the carbs, sugars, and/or alcohol and whoosh out water retention from bloat so that you can get back on track with your progress.

Follow Up:

To succeed motivation and preparation are the two most important weapons you will need. It is important to have a support team of people and resources to help you stay feeling motivated and prepared from start to finish. If you are a coached member, chat or email your coaches about how your Cinco de Mayo went and discuss any challenges that may have come up. We are here for you, so don’t be shy! If you have not yet become a member, we invite you to calculate your true weight on www.dukandiet.com so that we can get to know each other better and so that we can help you achieve your weight loss and weight maintenance goals.


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