Three Foods a Dukan Coach Would Omit for Quicker Weight Loss

Three Foods a Dukan Coach Would Omit for Quicker Weight Loss

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Many of you on the diet have asked your coaches why your weight is stagnating or slowing down even though you are having only allowed foods. Some of the foods that are allowed are mostly listed on the diet as a segue into the high protein lifestyle. For those that are used to a high carb/high sugar lifestyle, switching to a high protein low/carb diet can be tough. However, once these foods help you get used to the high protein lifestyle, cutting back on them will help boost your results even further.


I know, dairy is a protein, but it also has lactose carbohydrates. Dairy can also cause a lot of bloating, especially if you are sensitive to it. As an alternative, we would recommend having silken tofu to replace the creaminess. For an energy boost, you can add herbal teas to your diet like oolong and matcha green tea.

Diet Soda:

I get it, it’s zero calories, there’s no fat, and it is sugar-free. However, the artificial sweeteners with the sodium and carbonation are a combo that induces a lot of bloating. If you crave sweets, try transitioning into having herbal teas chilled. Mint tea is great for curbing cravings for sweets. If you crave sweets as a result from stress, we recommend talking to your coaches about it so that we can help you more individually.

Prepackaged foods:

Deli meats, surimi, and sausages are all lean proteins. However, they can be very high in sodium and, worse yet, some even have sugar added for taste. Try to prepare fresh lean proteins ahead of time that you can have as snacks. For example, you can prepare mini meatballs, chicken/turkey strips, hard boiled eggs, etc. and keep them in Tupperware or ziplock bags for on the go or for a quick and easy breakfast. I would also recommend that, when you do have these foods, try to rinse them out to cut down on the salt, even if the packaging says low sodium. As a rule of thumb, try to keep your daily sodium intake below 1500 mg a day and try to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, instead of the recommended 1.5 liters as a minimum.

The fresher your proteins and veggies are, plus the more water you drink, the better your results will be. Try to keep your food choices fresh and natural if you want to get to your goal faster.

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