Lose Up to 5 Pounds by Memorial Day with Our Tips!

With the sun shining it’s hard not to think about the endless BBQs and beach days ahead. And with all that said, it’s hard not to think about your quest for a swimsuit – and a body that you’ll feel comfortable putting in that swimsuit. All of a sudden, you realize the unofficial start of … Read more

Five Dukan Friendly Tips for a Happy and Healthy Mother’s Day!

  The standard flowers may be enough, but if you want to make this Mother’s Day extra special we recommend the following tips for a happy and healthy celebration: Spa Day: Who doesn’t love a spa day?! Taking some time for rest and relaxation helps support weight loss. When your adrenals are overstressed your weight loss … Read more

5 Tips to Make Your Cinco de Mayo Dukan Friendly

  Today is Cinco de Mayo, a holiday that commemorates the victory of the Mexican army at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1872. This holiday represents Mexican resistance to foreign intervention. The Dukan Diet, on the other hand, represents resistance to unhealthy foods and eating habits. This year, on Cinco de Mayo, let’s … Read more

UNDERACTIVE ADRENALS: The Reason Why You’re Not Losing Weight!

Underactive adrenals are one reason you’re body isn’t shedding the weight! The adrenals are involved in our response to stress, whether physical, emotional or psychological. Stress leads to what we call the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome, which releases the adrenocorticol hormone in the blood stream. Since in our modern society we are seldom in a … Read more

Three Vegetables You Should Be Eating This Spring!

We here on the East Coast are stoked that Blizzard season is over. Now that the snow is melting and Spring Equinox is inching closer, we are planning some delicious meals for in-season vegetables. For those that care for having fresh organic veggies, each incoming season means adding some of our favorite vegetables back to … Read more