The Dukan Diet Vs. the Japanese Food Pyramid

  There is a lot to learn from the Japanese food pyramid about staying healthy. For now, let’s focus on these two very important facts about the Japanese food pyramid: It is actually a spinning top with exercise and water on top of the spinning top. With this shape the larger food groups at the … Read more

Words of Wisdom From Pierre Dukan for 2017!

I was pleased to accompany you throughout these days with the goal of getting you through the holidays without gaining weight. I hope we succeeded. The beginning of the year is often the time for new resolutions–it is possible that this has made you realize that losing weight is easier than you thought. If you considered … Read more

Stay on Track & Have Fun this NYE with Dr. Dukan’s Advice!

Here we are! Tomorrow will be the last celebration of the year and today we head down the war path with a “protective day.” I built this program for my patients who know themselves as well as how the psychology of desire and control can be tricky. Since Ancient Greece, we know that there are … Read more

Maintain Your Weight Through New Years with Dr. Dukan’s Advice!

Another day passed without weight gain–or at least I hope so! If by chance this was not the case, stick to fish, seafood, poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruit, oat bran pancakes, and fat-free dairy products today. But if you have kept your starting weight, it will still be very important to be very careful today and … Read more

Stay on Track Now & Indulge a Little on New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve is almost here! Let’s continue to stay on track so we can celebrate with some champagne! If you succeed, then we would have done a good job together and the New Year will start off without regrets. Today, we continue to observe what I call the ‘Supervised Freedom’. Freedom means everything is … Read more

Avoid These 18 High-Risk Foods This NYE–Dr. Dukan Shares Why!

A few more days until we ring in the New Year together! I advise you to eat your normal diet but as I am by your side, try to eat healthily. The first rule: Stay clear of the 18 high-risk foods (see below). Now is the time to explain why they are risky. Firstly, they … Read more